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Missed this mornings webcast from Nokia World? You can always watch it now (REPLAY)

Nokia World 2013

What a day it’s been today with so much news out Abu Dhabi at Nokia World 2013. Some great devices, accessories and new Windows Phone apps have been announced and this is only the beginning of a new chapter.

Most of you followed the webcast and our live blog here on NN, but those that were unable to as they were either asleep (understandably not all of us are night owls – referring to those in different time zones) or at work/school/Uni etc were not able to join us :( But hey, we have good news, Nokia have made available the recording of this mornings press conference in its entirety, so grab some coffee/pop-corn or a beer, sit back, hit play and enjoy the video!!

If you want you can also view our live blog posts and pictures from the opening keynote which are available here -