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Nokia N9 running latest Sailfish OS Build (

Nokia N9 with Jolla

The Nokia N9 is a truly remarkable phone. Not only was it introduced with a unique OS, it also has an amazing community of support. Many of those who worked on bringing the N9 to market at Nokia, moved to create their own company, Jolla.

Recently, Jolla released their first mobile device, running their Sailfish OS. We had seen the OS demoed early in the year on the Nokia N950 (the developer version of the N9) and many had hopes that there would be a port.

So without further adieu, here is a quick video I made, that shows off Sailfish OS on the N9. It is not complete, there are things that are broken. Sailfish will never be officially supported by Jolla on existing devices, so the efforts of the community are as close as we will ever get.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can install Sailfish yourself. Follow the guide for Installing Nemo but replace the Nemo image for a Sailfish one. There is a great thread on TMO if you need any help (though they use varied methods)

Feel free to share with us your results, if you do venture down this road – we’d love to hear from you.