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News at a glance from Nokia World – press release and more

An exciting day today for Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and Asha users around the world as six new devices alongside new accessories were unveiled at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi this morning. Following is the official press release, a couple of videos and little bits of news from Nokia giving you a little more information […]


Facet – an eye popping wearable concept from Nokia

Crazy innovative ideas……..well only at Nokia, and this is one of them – Facet. A multi-display wrist worn system consisting of multiple independent touch-sensitive segments joined into a bracelet. Automatically determining the pose of the system as a whole and of each segment individually. It further supports multi-segment touch, yielding a rich set of touch input […]


Nokia Coloud BOOM, KNOCK and POP – the review

A couple weeks ago we received the new range of Nokia Coloud headsets which we have been using on a daily basis since. We took one model per week and used them to listen to music, make and receive phone calls, games, videos heck anything entertainmentwise, we used them. I must be honest though when I […]


Coloud and Nokia go BOOM, KNOCK and POP

Couple days ago these arrived in our offices, all the way from Finland, for us to play with, the new Nokia Coloud collection of headphones – the KNOCK, BOOM and POP and no they not a new breakfast brand – LOL. We’ll be testing each one individually over the next couple days after which we’ll […]


Nokia Play 360 speaker review – Music for the kids

I’m a family man, I’ve got a son and I’ve gotten used to the thought that my big 5.1 audio system will be sitting quietly next to the TV and pop a tune once in a couple of months. Metallica won’t be crashing trough, 5 hours a day any-more, but that’s fine, the kid more […]