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Lumia 925 give away – Nokia@Work

Heads up every one, Nokia@Work have been giving away one Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8 device to one lucky Twitter follower every week for the past 7 weeks and this week will be the last time you will have the opportunity to win the last of the 8 devices. All you have to do […]


Inside the Nokia Lumia 925 camera

Today Nokia released two videos detailing the Nokia Lumia 925 camera mechanism and their relationship with Zeiss. The first video contains a graphical illustration of how the 6 lens camera module inside the Lumia 925 works, and highlights the benefits of the optical image stabilization on board the device. The Minority Report-like view inside the […]


Latest Lumia 925 commercial sparks a new trend in clubs around London

Most of you have seen the latest Lumia 925 commercial that was released last week, right?? Well seems the video has been some what controversial since and there have been quite a lot of mixed reactions amongst the masses. One in particular is quite funny though, it seems that the ‘photoo’ line has struck a […]


Latest Lumia 925 commercial: Don’t flash – Amaze!

Personally I would have called it – Don’t be Zombiefied, be Amazed, but the essence of the message is clear in Nokia’s latest commercial of the new Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8, which went on sale in a number of countries in Europe recently. The best pictures in any light, even with out a flash […]


Fancy a road trip with Nokia��s official photography team?

You do?? Well here is how you can then. Nokia, Talenthouse and Dazed & Confused have partnered up to give 3 aspiring photographers the chance to join Nokia’s official media team at the 2013 Burton High Fives in New Zealand. The aim is simple: to discover the best ��urban city/street style�� themed photo captured in ��low […]