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Missed this mornings webcast from Nokia World? You can always watch it now (REPLAY)

What a day it’s been today with so much news out Abu Dhabi at Nokia World 2013. Some great devices, accessories and new Windows Phone apps have been announced and this is only the beginning of a new chapter. Most of you followed the webcast and our live blog here on NN, but those that […]


News at a glance from Nokia World – press release and more

An exciting day today for Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and Asha users around the world as six new devices alongside new accessories were unveiled at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi this morning. Following is the official press release, a couple of videos and little bits of news from Nokia giving you a little more information […]


We are up and running – Nokia World webcast and live blog feed

We are approximately twelve hours away from Stephen Elop’s opening keynote speech of what could well be the last Nokia World as we know it. We are live on the ground already and as promised earlier we’ll be bringing you live commentry with videos and loads of pictures of the devices and accessories to be […]


Facet – an eye popping wearable concept from Nokia

Crazy innovative ideas……..well only at Nokia, and this is one of them – Facet. A multi-display wrist worn system consisting of multiple independent touch-sensitive segments joined into a bracelet. Automatically determining the pose of the system as a whole and of each segment individually. It further supports multi-segment touch, yielding a rich set of touch input […]


Nokia Pro Camera Tutorials for all Lumias with Amber

A nice day for Nokia fans, Amber is being pushed OTA (over the air) in many countries around the world along with the Nokia Video Trim & Video Upload plus the Pro Camera for all Lumia with the Amber update. However that doesn’t stop Nokia from creating and publishing nice content. This time a number […]


Nokia Lumia 625 unveiled – fun all around

Today Nokia launched yet another budget Lumia smartphone, the 625. The big surprise it’s the 4.7 inch screen, of WVGA(640×800) resolution. Pixel density is not exactly premium class at 201ppi, but it’s decent. Another surprise is the super sensitive screen that has only been available so far for the high end of the Lumia range, […]


Stephen Elop talks Lumia 1020 with Engadget

Shortly after today’s Lumia 1020 launch in NYC, Engadget were able to get a few minutes one on one with Nokia’s Stephen Elop. The interview starts with a little history much like the press conference itself. Of particular interest was at precisely what point Nokia began to envision optics as one of, if not the, […]